Thursday, May 6, 2010

What Grandma Knew About Meal Planning Part 2

Here's the second part to my series on menu planning according to Betty Crocker's 1950 Picture Cookbook. You can go here to read Part 1. There are five points to remember when planning your meals and what other women had to say.

I. Appropriateness

Cut your meal pattern to fit: your situation, the occasion, and the family needs.

"I always remember birthdays and holidays with a special dessert or color scheme."

"I plan the meals to be healthful for the children, first, and then interesting to adults, without cooking separate menus."

"We have a five-room bungalow with limited dining space and no help at all; this requires simplicity and informality."

"I plan my meals with the needs of my young son in mind. I never cook separately for him, but prepare simple foods appropriate for him and then dress them up for grown-up tastes and add to the menu to meet adult needs."

II. Appearance

Prepare, serve, and present each food attractively for greater appetitie appeal.

"I think each meal out in detail, so there will be color appeal as well as good eating."

When I was a child my father used to say, 'We should feast the eye as well as the appetite.' And it has become a tradition with me."

"In my kitchen windows I have many plants and I alternate them in decorating the table and mealtime."

I don't want to make my posts too long so I will give the last three points in my next post. I hope you are enjoying reading about these real homemakers for a bygone era and we really can apply them to our lives today.

Graphic courtesy of All Posters.

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Ruby said...

'We should feast the eye as well as the appetite.' And it has become a tradition with me."
That's a keeper!
We have a TV show running here at present called Masterchief Australia. I try to watch it occasionally for the good recipes and ideas but I must admit, it is a visual feast which we all enjoy.